Case Study: Chain Store Data Sync & Management

Management and Synchronize Nationwide Chain Store System in Encryption mode, by Unsupervised.

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Enterprise Network

ntroduction: A Chinese real estate developer, principally engaged in the design, development, construction and sale of residential and commercial properties, as well as the provision of property management services. HQ demands the market sales data synchronized for over hundreds chain stores.

Running a nationwide chain store business, the local marketing info and sales record are critical reference data for HQ to allocate resources, planning forecast and correct the selling strategy.

How to link multiple store data system with high security?

How to maintain the management complex IT infra.?

Chain Store Data Sync Challenges:

a. Sync and secure marketing data over public network

b. Professional IT staff demanding

- Complex infrastructure setup

- Network OP and management

- Troubleshoot and maintenance

And, is traditional VPN fulfill the requirements?

Here is the edgeWares solution architecture, deploy ecWAN component in each store side.

olution: edgeWares product is a solution designed with easy setup and centralized management. edgeWares nDrift (tunnel building features) create virtual tunnels between all the chain stores and HQ datacenter for synchronizing & securing marketing data. nSplite offers adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize different data for big data analysis purpose in this case. For system setup, the staff just simply wire the product into existing infrastructure, the virtual tunnel will be built and connected to HQ automatically, maintenances by centralize.


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