Case Study: 5G Connected Ambulance

A Connected Fully Equipped Ambulance Controlled and Operated by Remote Center over 5G network

Defence Innovation

5G Industrial IoT

ntroduction: Defence Innovation established to design and develop innovative military equipment for advanced technology; Military and
civilian use. The company was founded by people who specialize in engineering, technology and military equipment.

The technology is advanced and can be used in the field. They are building up a 5G connected ambulance to transfer the complicated operation from remote medical center to vital care facility.

Thanks to the 5G network capability, the field ambulance could able to transmit high resolution data back to the hospitals in real-time, such as CT scans and ultrasound images. Moreover, the field rescue member will wear reality (AR) glasses to send the real-time video over 5G. The doctor can immediately diagnose and give countermeasures to the filed rescue team, it’s matter of golden moment of life.

So, how to guarantee the large data seamless transmit during fast movement over 5G network?

Connected Ambulance Challenges:

a. L2 private network with adaptive QoS

b. Real-time supervision control

d. Seamless data transmit during roaming

olution: Implement edgeWares solution as the Smart 5G CPE, nDrift (layer-2 tunnel building feature) create a seamless channel, and nMerge performs the 4G/5G data aggregation as well as fail-over network switch, both patented technology secure the reliability of connection during fast movement.

In customer’s datacenter, only one manpower to install and maintain the connection system; they’re happy and satisfied how easy to adopt eSix edgeWares solution into their existing system.


  • Smart 5G CPE: Build up a overlay L2 tunnel for mobile vital care facility
  • Network Aggregation and Fail-Over: no dead zone, bandwidth performance guarantee and always connected for operation

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